You started your business before social media was “a thing”, or you’re starting a business now and missed the social media train altogether. You hate every image of yourself. You learned your craft and do it exceedingly well, but you have no idea how to put it out there in today’s “connected” world. You never learned how to “sell yourself”. You know you need to craft a “brand”, but you have no idea what that means! If any or all of these are you, it’s not too late for you! You’ve come to the right place. Our joy comes from working with people just like you to help you transform your business. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident about tailoring your brand. Please read on for more information about where we like to help the most.



  • Do you have professional engaging images of you and your staff?
  • Do you have professional looking images representing what you do?
  • Can you create images ongoing to supply social media and website followers with fresh content and engage new buyers?
  • Do you have professional video representing what your company does?
  • Can you create quality videos ongoing to supply followers with fresh content and engage new buyers?
  • Do you have content for your blog or newletter?


  • Brand color selection, logo selection
  • Brand copy, does it reflect what you do?
  • Brand target market analysis
  • Challenge identification in target market
  • Product or service development
  • Website concept analysis
  • Social media- understanding and use of

Sales Development (Retail or Online)

  • In person sales- are you utilizing the best practices to close in person sales?
  • Social media organic and paid- are you utilizing this important resource to its fullest and raising brand awareness?
  • Phone sales- do you have phone scripts that work?
  • Print sales- are the sales materials you’re sending out working as well as they should?
  • Do you have sales funnels setup to create ongoing active and passive sales?
  • Is your customer service where it needs to be to close and retain new clients?

Outside Client Development

  • Are you comfortable networking?
  • Do you have strategic business alliances built that will grow your business?
  • Do you have a client management process in place to build clientele over time?



We’ll custom tailor mentoring directly to your specific needs.


Simply need great professional images to help tell your brand story? We can do that. We can create images based on your brand, design, colors, and more. We can also teach you how to create images on your own to use for your social media posts.

Social Media

No idea how social media works, what to post, or how to get engagement? We can teach you one to one how to use all the popular sites to grow your business.

Sales Processes

Don’t have a background in sales, but you’re now running your own small business where sales are essential. Don’t give away the sale, let us help you create processes designed to grow your business.

Speaking Engagements

Tammy is available to speak to your group on a range of topics, please inquire as to what might suit your needs.


Have a number of people you would like to learn with at the same time? Tammy can craft an in person workshop to your needs.

Our Portfolio

Your brand images should tell a story to your potential client that allows them to decide to choose you versus your competitors.

Here is a sampling of client images we’ve taken. We can provide great images for you in your brand, create a library of social media posts for you, or teach you how to create images for your social media.

Client Social Media Image
University Professor Brand Image
Realtor Brand Image
Leadership Coach Brand Image
Sales Brand Image
Sales Brand Image
Realtor Brand Image
Client Social Media Image Post


Everything we do is custom designed to your needs…

The consultation

We invite you to come in to discuss all your needs. Bring copies of your current branding, and samples of what you hope to have if you wish. Or if you’re new in your business, let us help you decide what your brand will be. We will walk through your story, share how we work, and figure out which services you would like to engage.

Planning and Homework

If we’re doing more than images, we’ll give you some work to do on your own so that you’re maximizing your in person paid sessions. We start by creating or completing a solid foundation, then we build on from there based on your needs. We work together to ensure you’re getting the most out of our time together. If you’ve decided on just images, we’ll meet to style your wardrobe for the perfect session.

In person or Virtual Sessions

Mentoring: Whether done via Skype or in person, we review where you want to head, progress you’ve made, and agree on next steps. At the end we review what you need for your next session so we ensure we’re heading exactly where you want and accomplish your goals.

Photoshoot: I guide you the entire way through and create a series of images for your specific needs (social media, website, business cards, printed handouts, etc).

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Tammy has a separate photography website known as Z Photog Studio.

Click “view more” to be redirected to that site to see more of her work.

Our Team

Mag head shot High Res cropped 8x10 | Tammy Zurak
Tammy Zurak

Mentor and Photographer

11 Sarah Yancey water Print | Tammy Zurak |
Sarah Yancey

Hair and Makeup


Our company is unlike any other. Tammy’s corporate sales and management background in a variety of fields, coupled with her skills as a professional photographer, allow her to uniquely help you craft and sell your brand to your clients in a unique way.

Testimonial - Annarose Monroe

I highly recommend Tammy to any small business owner looking to either establish and grow their business. She offers sound business advice at any point in your career and she has a proven track record of success to back it up. Her warm, authentic, yet straightforward style was exactly what I needed. I chose her as I am also a photographer. She not only has exemplary knowledge of business and legalities in that arena, but also in portfolio critique, shooting, and posing. Her series of mentor sessions have allowed me to level up both my photography work and my business growth. If you are prepared to work hard and take that next step, she will push you to the next level too!

Testimonial - Laura Leslie

My business had been struggling. I tried everything I knew and my clients were  coming in drips and spurts. Then I enrolled in Tammy’s mentoring sessions. I already have 8 appointments setup for next week. She is amazing to work with and I cannot recommend her enough. If you are struggling like I was, run and get on her program now.

Testimonial - Judith Hill

I hired Tammy to mentor me early this year and it has been one of the best decisions I have made for my photography business. She is a pleasure to work with and her knowledge is deep. I often find myself asking how would Tammy handle this. As a portrait photographer, I am an admirer of Tammy’s beautiful work and her approach. She has helped me put my business brain in motion. I now approach b2b connections in a different way. I approach networking differently. I think about personal branding differently. She helped me get my consultation and pitch down for prospective clients. She helped me adjust my pricing and work through some of my challenges around pricing and asking for money. My business is in the process of transforming and Tammy is a big part of that. I highly recommend her if you are a photographer or if you are any type of small business owner. She knows marketing, business and thrives in helping people succeed and grow. Again, best decision for my business to date.

Testimonial - Olga Komissarova

Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed? You don’t know where to find clients and how to tell them how much you cost because you think nobody will book you? I had been feeling overwhelmed for a few months before I decided to take mentoring sessions. I wish I had done it earlier. I want to say thank you to Tammy, she is so professional. The first week after I implemented what she told me to do – I got 3 bookings at my new updated prices. I am so happy and so grateful!!! If you feel stuck and have no money – that is exactly why you should do it. Taking the mentoring session was the best investment.

Testimonial - Tanya Pabor

I moved into my business 6 months ago. I booked a session with Tammy as I needed someone to help me figure out the best way to maximize my potential, and I’m so pleased with how our session went! Tammy not only helped me to see ways I could start generating more income right away, but she also impressed me by helping me to create and combine at least ten new solutions to current issues into one solid grand plan that I expect will make a huge impact all at once! She truly exceeded my expectations as a mentor maximizing our time and providing solutions for my business. I would definitely recommend her if you’re looking for ways to be more profitable or have road blocks you just cannot see around.  I plan to book her again after I have put this current plan into place.

One to One Mentoring Testimonials

An interview below with a mentee (done for Brand Tip Tuesday, see link at top of page) but also discussing our mentor sessions at length

Testimonial - Elisa Cicinelli

I knew I wanted to work with Tammy because brand messages were aligned and we both enjoy working with small business owners.  I found myself questioning my decisions, and that was holding me back from taking my business to the next level.  She also understands the photography industry, so it was nice to bounce ideas off of her and get the affirmation I needed about how I wanted to run my photography business.

After mentoring with Tammy I now run my business with more confidence, she helped me craft how I communicate with clients in a different way which has truly changed everything. It’s essentially the development of the benefits versus the features tip she shared in one of her Brand Tip Tuesday’s, but custom crafted with her help for my business.

She also helped me get my finances and pricing in order, set goals, and even provided a way to track them. With this help I realized that I’m ready to branch out and grow my business so much so I’m looking at expanding into a bigger space!  I know I’ll come back for more mentoring with her in the future to continue my growth.

Testimonial - Joan Follmann

My personal branding session with Z Photog Studio was amazing! After our consultation, Tammy sifted through my wardrobe to help me pick out the right choices for my image needs. She designed photographs specifically to use for my business cards, and business social media, but she also helped me to create versatile looks that I could use on my personal Facebook page and others for speaking engagements and ads. Since I also work with clients on my personal social media, I wanted to have several polished but casual looks for there as well. I loved all the looks we ended up with, but the personalized service I received was what I liked the best. During the entire process she made me feel comfortable. I was not just another number with Tammy, she takes the time to get to know you and your business to represent you well. I also hired Tammy for a seven week mentoring session, before that I was honestly just getting along. Now with the tools that Tammy has taught me, I learned an adopted an actual sales process. I have already experienced a better closing ratio using it!

Testimonial - Jennifer Findlay

Tammy mentored me under her client attraction strategy program and I loved it. If I don’t get in front of clients I won’t be in business. Tammy taught me the science of networking and sales. She kept me honest and on track, which is exactly why I decided to work with her. Every time we talked I was blown away by how smart and generous she was.

Testimonial - Lisa Schwerin & DeAnna Daniels

My partner and I hired Tammy to come to our location to work with us in our own space. We had a dream to be able to provide a great product and service to clients, but had been plugging along just barely making ends meet for too long. We knew we were missing some important elements that would allow us to make our business a success, but we didn’t know what to do next. Tammy listened to our story then helped guide us to streamline our services, put together a plan for how to maximize what each of us were contributing, offered new ideas and plans to help us grow our clientele, and thereby provided us more confidence around what we do, how we do it, and getting the revenue we need to build a strong foundation for future business growth.  We would absolutely recommend her if you feel you’re not sure how to get beyond where you are, and need someone to help you put together the pieces and provide you a framework for success. We plan to work with her again to build on the foundation she helped us develop.

We’re easy to work with!

Book a no charge consultation and see if we’re a good match.

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